Electronic Invoicing



At Noatum Maritime, continuing our project for efficiency and continuous improvement, we are committed to integrating electronic invoicing in our relations with our clients. The new system enables:

  • A reduction in costs and management time
  • Fewer storage spaces
  • Transactions to be expedited
  • Greater security by reducing the likelihood of forgery
  • Improved efficiency
  • Protection for the environment

As a result, all the companies in the group which are located in Spain will gradually be rolling out electronic invoicing to all their Spanish clients.

pay_invoices [Convertido] - Factura electronica


La Plataforma AgiKey

The electronic invoicing platform guarantees:

  • Shipping, tracking and downloading of invoices in PDF or XML format.
  • Secure access through multiple authentication channels.
  • The use of recognised digital certificates and secure SSL channels.
  • Auditoria bi-anual por empresa externa especializada en Auditorías de Seguridad y Protección de Datos.
  • Auditoria de la plataforma por empresa externa que certifica el cumplimiento de las medidas de seguridad y confidencialidad de la plataforma.
  • Sellado de tiempo mediante TSU de Camerfirma en el propio hosting de Zertifika.
  • Hosting categoria Tier 3, replicado en 2 puntos para prevenir y dar continuidad de servicio.
  • Certificados de Calidad: ISO 9001 y ISO 27001.