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Our Human Resources policy is based on the following lines of action:

  • Our belief is that our employees are a major key and decisive factor in providing and carrying out the services and activities that we offer.
  • Transparency and honesty in professional relationships are indispensable for any effective communication. Based on facts and open dialogue, transparency is the only solid foundation that allows continuous improvement.
  • Always improving the quality of working life, covering all labour conditions, including working hours, career building and promotions, training, improving health and safety at work, etc.
  • Two requirements of a good professional relationship are respect and trust. Any type of prejudice, harassment or discrimination will be considered a basic lack of respect and will not be accepted. This applies to all levels and in all conditions and circumstances without any exceptions.


Noatum Maritime is a conglomerate of companies providing port, maritime and logistics services, with activities including Liner shipping agency, Consignment, Tramp, Projects, Freight forwarding, Customs agency, Terminals and Warehousing.

Noatum Maritime has an integrated management system covering quality, the environment, health and safety at work, corporate social responsibility, food safety and its role as an authorized economic operator in customs procedures and physical security for our business transactions. As such, we guarantee the safety of goods, people's health and safety; we provide services according to the requirements of our clients, the legislation and other requirements in the fields of management included within the scope of this policy.



Management system: Our Management has allocated the resources necessary to maintain the integrated management system.

Commitments: Noatum Maritime is committed to comprehensive continuous improvement that results in the prevention of pollution, compliance with legislation and other framework agreements, compliance with agreements with customers, compliance with ethical and social codes, physical and customs security in the supply chain, and food safety.

Objectives: Improvement targets are set based on the information generated by the system using the established indicators and the other parameters defined in the processes.


Competence, training and awareness-raising: All the different processes within the field of human resources must be carried out, including recruitment, performance appraisal, training and awareness-raising, based on each role within the organization.

Management: All personnel in the organization must be aware of and carry out their work in accordance with the definitions in the management system.

Documentation of the management system: The system documentation is reviewed, including this policy, on a systematic basis to adapt to the working environment of Noatum Maritime at all times.


Follow-up: Management control parameters are established in order to analyze and improve our processes and activities.

Incident management: We have systems in place for identifying and recording all types of incidents, so that they can be analyzed and immediate solutions can be identified, by determining corrective actions.


Continuous improvement: We believe that promoting continuous improvement in our processes is a key factor in ensuring the company's continuity.

Communication: Internal communication is continuous and fluid, highlighting the effects of the organization’s operations, policy and objectives at all times.



In Noatum Maritime , our attitude towards Health and Safety at work is being committed to looking after our people and is a priority in our company, where prevention takes an important role with a clear objective: eliminating the risk factors that can cause labour accidents and professional illnesses, as well as the constant improvement of health conditions at work.

Since the beginning, Noatum Maritime has been carrying out all types of actions to promote health, as well as the continuous improvement in the work place.

The whole Noatum Maritime community gains from the different perspectives of Risk prevention, be it from Ergonomics, Psycho-sociology, Industrial hygiene, Health and Safety surveillance. In order to do this, we carry out campaigns periodically to give up smoking, back school, yoga, healthy Tupperware, safe driving, fire extinction practise, defibrillators, etc. We also promote a healthy environment to go beyond the fulfilment of legal requirements.

Noatum Maritime have obtained OHSAS 18001certification on Health and Safety at work due to our effective and efficient management.

Health and safety at work means: